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The PCA is enabling young workers to enter the paint trade with the help of the Education Foundation.

Training Development

Training Development

Thanks to the donation from Benjamin Moore the PCA was able to produce the Trade Best Practice Series which serves as a foundational tool for on-the-job training. Available to 300,000+ painting contractors, companies have the ability to show on-demand video to new trainees.

The PCA continues to develop training material thanks to the sponsorship from our national friends and partners.

Promoting The Paint Trade


To tackle the labor crisis young people and displaced workers must become aware that painting is a viable career path. With the help of the PCA Education Foundation Fund we are able to raise awareness and attract new workers to the trade.



The PCA scholarships were originally established in 1978 and are open to any high school senior or college-age student seeking to further their education. Students seeking to further education at a college or university are welcome to apply for the Education Scholarship and students seeking a career in the painting industry are welcome to apply for the Vocational Scholarship.